Berrio Is Taking On Opportunities

Above: Berrio taking a silent stance for the Malala Fund. Stock Photo.
Above: Berrio taking a silent stance for the Malala Fund. Stock Photo.

As she starts her senior year,  Alezandra Berrio is one of the busiest students at Lynn.

Berrio, is an international student majoring in business administration with a specialization in fashion management and general management. She was born in Panama, but has never lived there.

“Living in so many places has taught me to be accepting, tolerant, and even though I may not always show it, patient,” said Berrio.

In addition to her schoolwork, Berrio is very involved with Housing and Residence Life (HRL). Last year, she became a Community Advisor in Lynn Residence Hall, and won CA of the Year for at Knight of Honors, and is there again this year. She is very passionate about making students love living on campus.

“I love being [in HRL] because I get to build relationships with not only professional staff, but my staff and residents,” said Berrio. “I’m not limited to one floor anymore and have a broad perspective.”

As part of HRL, Berrio has attended the Florida Resident Assistant Seminar (FRAS) the past two years as a delegate. RAs from schools all over Florida travel to this conference to learn about how other schools work with residents.

This year, the conference is being held jointly between Lynn and FAU and Berrio has joined the planning committee.

This week, Berrio will have another title to put on her resume. For the Millennium Campus Conference at Lynn, Berrio is the Director of the Global Generation Awards Intern.

Berrio will be hosting the awards for the speakers at the conference, which will include Nicholas Kristof, Dr. Paul Farmer and “Sex and the City” actress Kristin Davis.

The conference focuses on bringing students together to work toward achieving the United Nations’ Development Goals.

“Growing up in the Latin culture and different Latin cultures, you get to see how people are treated differently: gender, sexuality and where you come from,” said Berrio. “I always grew up being more careful than my brother. Even going to the movies, I had to be dressed more appropriately.”

Berrio has a bit of advice for new international students.

“Branch out. If you start feeling uncomfortable, it’s a good thing, not a bad thing,” said Berrio. “We tend to stick to our group because that’s all we know, so you can’t be afraid to branch out.”

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