New Hashtag Focuses On Student Experience

While Lynn loves to know why students are choosing the university as their own, a more important question has appeared recently: Why are you staying at Lynn? To answer this question, students are responding with #WeAreLynn. As the social media age has surged over the past several years, there have been many hashtags that have…

Time To Deck The Halloween Halls

With Halloween being today, it is hard to believe that there has been Christmas music in stores for over two weeks. It was surprising when iTunes released Broadway and “Frozen” actress Idina Menzel’s new album “Holiday Wishes” on Oct. 14 – more than 15 days before Halloween. Menzel was one of the many who were…

Wearing White and Blue Since 1962

On Saturday, Lynn will turn 52 years old and today we are celebrating the school’s birthday with everyone’s favorite day – Founders Day. For new students, staff and faculty who do not know what today entails, they are in for a treat.

Once Upon a Disney Stereotype

Once upon a time, there was a princess who had something tragic happen to her, but soon she came across a prince and they fell madly in love until a villain messes up the whole thing, but do not worry because in the end the princess marries the prince and everyone will live happily ever…

The Redneck Boys Around Here

Though country music has been entering mainstream charts recently, the music that country men have been releasing is less than deep. Within the past year, a term to describe male artists in country music has arisen: bro-country. This label has been created to group together songs that have the three major themes of girls, trucks…

Women Are Taking Over The Lead

Following a long road of playing the sidekick or the love interest, women are finally taking the lead on popular television shows.

Berrio Is Taking On Opportunities

As she starts her senior year,  Alezandra Berrio is one of the busiest students at Lynn. Berrio, is an international student majoring in business administration with a specialization in fashion management and general management. She was born in Panama, but has never lived there.

Hollywood’s Golden Age Stars

As the young stars in Hollywood struggle with nude pictures and drug scandals, it is the over-60 crowd who know exactly how to stay on top of the A-list.

UN Women Take Feminist Stance

On Sept. 22, “Harry Potter” actress Emma Watson took to the floor of the United Nations to voice her opinion on the important topic of gender equality. “The more I’ve spoken about feminism, the more I’ve realized that fighting for women’s rights has too often become synonymous with man-hating,” said Watson. “Feminism, by definition, is…