How Broadway Is Striking A Chord With Millennial Audiences

Kander and Ebb’s 2006 musical, “Curtains,” says there’s “a special kind of people known as show people.” That cannot be truer, but I feel in our day and age, too many people still think of Broadway as the old Ethel Merman-Cole Porter type stuff that does not necessarily appeal to a Millennial audience. However, that…

A Closer Look At The Wage Gap In Hollywood’s Entertainment Industry

In her 2011 documentary, “Miss Representation,” Jennifer Siebel Newsom states, “The more power women gain, the stronger the backlash against them.” This statement is just as true today. While women are performing the same jobs as men, they are still only earning 77 cents to the male’s dollar.

How Women Are Using Their Celebrity To Fight For Equal Rights

At the Academy Awards, it’s all about the stars’ glitz and glamour. However, more than ever, women are challenging the stereotypes that follow them on the red carpets. Sexism is no longer something that is being ignored at awards shows, thanks to some of the most important women in Hollywood.

How Musical Numbers Stole The Show At The Oscars

The three best musical moments of the Oscars came from people who were not even nominated for awards. As always, the awards telecast featured performances from the nominees for Best Original Song and this year, the performances provided some of the most noteworthy moments of the night.

5 Nominated Women Who Deserve An Academy Award This Year

Coming off this year’s Academy Award nominations, it is clear some of the best female nominees are the ones who have never won an award before. However, there is always one nominee that stands out, even with three wins under her belt. These are the five that need the Academy to (finally) give them the…

What The Golden Globes Say About Academy Award Predictions

Last night’s Golden Globes proved to be great entertainment, as Tina Fey and Amy Poehler took the reigns once again as hosts of the show. But, the most exciting part of the awards show is always what happens in the movie categories. While the awards are glamorous to win in their own right, we all know…

Farewell, Gleeks: 6 Ways ‘Glee’ Changed Your Life Forever

Back in 2009, a little show named “Glee” premiered on Fox. With a mostly unknown cast and a spirit to praise the underdog, no one was ready for the phenomenon that would occur after the premiere. With the final season starting, there have been so many ups and downs we’ve been following. But, what the show…