Fantastic Actors Take On The Fantastic Four

Above: The Fantastic Four take on a great challenge. Stock Photo.
Above: The Fantastic Four take on a great challenge. Stock Photo.

For the first time since 2007, the Fantastic Four is making its way back into theaters with a new take and a new cast of superheroes.

Taking on an iconic role is no easy task, but Jamie Bell, Michael B. Jordan, Kate Mara and Miles Teller were all excited to take on the challenge. With director Josh Trank (“Chronicle”) at the helm, the actors were able to get a clear understanding of the new vision of the film.

Instead of the characters embracing their newfound powers, this film sees the mutations more as disabilities – something that the characters have to adjust to and learn how to work with.

“[Playing the character this way] was one of the reasons why I wanted to be a part of it,” said Mara, who takes on the role of Sue Storm. “That’s a unique way of dealing with characters who become superheroes. I always really admired that sort of take and [Trank] was always really specific about that and making that as real and honest as possible.”

It is an important message that the actors want to bring to children that is not often seen in superhero cinematic universe. But, in addition to learning to work with disabilities, they stress the importance of having people to stand by you.

“Life throws you unexpected curveballs and you have to overcome them,” said Jordan, who plays Johnny Storm. “You have to try and find the silver lining in bad situations and work together.”

Fans of the Fantastic Four do not need to worry. The origin behind the superpowers still follows the same storyline and all the characters, including Victor Von Doom (Toby Kebbell), are affected in the same ways people love.

Even though we still get to hear the famous catchphrases, like “it’s clobberin’ time” and “flame on,” the actors themselves were not the most excited to perform them.

“I don’t like saying catchphrases. It’s inevitable that you’re never going to get it right,” said Bell, who plays Ben Grimm. “I could say it like a thousand times right now and it would never be good enough.”

While there was initial backfire at the casting, the four prove that they were the right ones for the job. It is obvious in the film that they have great chemistry, but it is also so great to see they feel the same off-screen.

“I was honestly most excited about doing [the film] with Kate, Mike, and Jamie,” said Teller, who rounds out the cast as Reed Richards. “I think we had a kickass cast and it was a lot of fun to film.”

“We went to New Orleans on a couple weekends and just hung out all together as a team,” Mara adds. “It was kind of effortless, which was lucky.”

With the reboot of “Fantastic Four” out now and superhero movies seemingly scheduled throughout the next decade or two, we should expect to see more of these characters. They even hinted at a crossover film with the X-Men.

“We want this to do really well and we want to make more of these movies,” said Bell. “There’s no reason why these two franchises won’t meet and we’ll spawn a whole other universe.”

“Fantastic Four” is now playing nationwide and a sequel has already been planned for a 2017 release.


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