Lynn Drama Makes Musical Debut

Above: Students have been rigorously preparing for the stage musical that will be taken over to Ireland after its run at Lynn. LU Photo.
Above: Students have been rigorously preparing for the stage musical that will be taken over to Ireland after its run at Lynn. LU Photo.

While many have become accustomed to the wonderful stage productions that the Lynn Drama program has put on for several years, today will mark the start of a new era with the first musical production on the stage of the Wold.

“Is There Life After High School?” is a Broadway production that opened at the Ethel Barrymore Theatre in 1982. The show follows multiple storylines that recall the lives people have in high school and how they feel later in life.

While not a show people probably have heard of before, “Is There Life…?” features the song “The Kid Inside,” which has been covered by Barry Manilow and “Doctor Who” star John Barrowman.

“There’s a song in the show called ‘Thousands of Trumpets’ and it takes me back to being in band in high school,” said Andrea Schwarzkopf, senior. “I was in band for four years, so the memories just flood in.”

Schwarzkopf is just one of the nine actors in the show that have been working since the beginning of the semester. Professor Harry Murphy started the casting process in October and has been hard at work with the actors ever since. While many people think of musicals being a big song and dance extravaganza, this show has a much smaller and intimate feel.

“It has been different working on a musical even though it’s about the same number of people we would have in a straight play,” said Schwarzkopf. “We were all together a lot more learning the music and there has just been a different feel the entire time.”

The Lynn Drama program has teamed up with the Conservatory of Music to have live music throughout the show.

Once production has performed on-campus, the team will take the show with them to Dublin, Ireland from April 6-13 where they will work with Lynn’s sister school, American College Dublin.

“I was able to travel to Dublin last year with ‘Almost, Maine,’ so I am really excited to travel back,” said Schwarzkopf.

However, Schwarzkopf is the only one of the team who has already traveled to the country to perform. This will create a great experience for the others, as they will be able to do what they love while also being influenced by a new culture.

“Traveling to Dublin is so exciting,” said Jessica Quigley, freshman. “It’s an experience that I never thought I would have and definitely one that I will never forget.”

The musical will be performed at Lynn tonight and tomorrow at 7:30 PM as well as a performance at noon today. Tickets are free for students with a Lynn ID and $10 for the general public.

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