Keeping Things Safe On Campus

Above: Campus Safety Chief Larry Rickard and Liz Raffa, graduate student and community advisor of EML Residence Hall. Stock Photo.
Above: Campus Safety Chief Larry Rickard and Liz Raffa, graduate student and community advisor of EML Residence Hall. Stock Photo.

Many students are now aware of the situation that happened on campus about two weeks ago. And while Campus Safety has upped their measures across campus, it should be noted as well that safety also comes down to you.

There are a lot of people looking out for the residents of Lynn, but the main person that should be watching out for you is yourself. Very simple changes can be made to your daily routines to make sure that you are being as safe as possible.

“Make sure you always keep Campus Safety’s number in your phone,” said Brooke Rudisill, senior and Resident Assistant (RA) in Trinity Hall. “If you’re ever in a crisis, they’re just a phone call away.”

While always a good person to speak to if you are having a problem, your RA may not always be around at the moment that you need them. If you notice something that may be happening and cannot get in contact quickly with your RA, do not hesitate to contact Campus Safety directly. There is always someone waiting for your phone call at the other end of the line.

If you are ever in a complete emergency or off-campus, call 911. It does not hurt to be as safe as possible.

“I think the best piece of advice I can give is to never bolt your door,” said Ale Berrio, senior and Community Advi- sor (CA) of Lynn Residence Hall. “Make sure you are also always looking through the peephole before you open the door.”

Of course being aware of your door is important. Stories of theft on this campus are almost always followed with the explanation that the resident’s door was dead bolted open. While it may be easy to bolt your door if you just need to walk down the hall, do not do it because it only takes a person just seconds to run in, grab something and run out.

“Always be aware of your surroundings,” said Liz Raffa, graduate student and CA of E.M. Lynn Residence Hall. “Be skeptical of someone you don’t know.”

“Even if you just have an inkling that something may be suspicious, report the situation,” added Kayla Edmonson, senior and RA in Lynn Resi- dence Hall. “It is better to be safe than sorry.”

The recent situation on campus was due to an off-campus intruder. If you see someone you do not know and they are asking you questions about how to get somewhere on campus, it is perfectly fine to not answer and walk away. Being a small community, most students are familiar with others, so it should be easy to spot someone who is not part of the Lynn community.

With the locks on the doors of Trinity, Freiburger and De Hoernle may make it hard for some visitors to get in, but it is not your responsibility to let anyone in. You do not have to feel guilty letting the door close on someone who does not have access to the building. If their friend wants them there, they will let them in.

Another security measure comes from wearing headphones around campus. A lot of people do it and it is fine, but just make sure you are ex- tra aware of your surroundings then.

“Be cautious when you have head phones in,” said Cydney Schmidt, senior and RA in Trinity Hall. “[Having them in] eliminates one of your senses.”

Lynn is continually committed to having students feel as safe as they can be, and Campus Safety is making sure that students are protected, but it is always important to remain as aware of your surroundings to be as safe as possible.

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