“It’s Only A Play” On Broadway

Above: The all-star cast of
Above: The all-star cast of “It’s Only A Play.” Stock Photo.

Comedy duo Matthew Broderick and Nathan Lane are taking over Broadway once again with Terrence McNally’s new play comically entitled “It’s Only a Play.”

Broderick and Lane are also joined on stage by a great comedic ensemble. Stockard Channing, who played Rizzo in the film “Grease,” Megan Mullally from the show “Will & Grace” and Academy Award winner F. Murray Abraham return to Broadway in this show. “Harry Potter” actor Rupert Grint and relative newcomer Micah Stock round out the cast in their Broadway debuts.

The show centers on the opening night of a Broadway show. After the premiere, the actors, director, playwright, producers and friends eagerly await the opening night reviews. The show aims to remind people why there is “no business like show business.”

“If you’ve never been to an opening night party of a Broadway show, then you haven’t lived,” Abraham joked to Broadway.com.

Grint spoke to Broadway.com about his involvement in the play and how it is working with some current Broadway legends.

“[The cast is] just so funny and they’re so experienced,” said Grint. “I’ve learned so much just being in the room with them.”

While most people go to the theater to have shows take them away from the world, one will notice that there are not many shows about the theater. Though, people will enjoy seeing this show because it is like a reality television show for theater.

“No matter what, we go on,” Lane said to Broadway.com. “You can kick us ‘til we’re bleeding but we get up and say, what’s next?”

Since its opening, the show has been doing remarkably well and has been close to selling out most of its performances. Unfortunately, those who want to see the show will have to go soon as it has a limited run. The final curtain will fall on Jan. 4.

The Gerald Schoenfeld Theatre in New York City is presenting the show with tickets starting at $72.

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